Rebuilding classic games with a new twist

I grew up playing pixelated games in an 8-bit world. Often, I wished to give my player some new cool ability that was beyond what computers could actually do at the time. A 2-color house built of squares and triangles would appear in a game level, and I wanted to see what was inside. So much imagination that I couldn’t act upon back in the day.

Fast-forward to now, where we can do things on computers I never imagined.

I’m working on rebuilding classic games with all the newly-imagined fun I couldn’t have back in the day.

I’ll start with “Repossessed,” which was inspired by “Gauntlet,” with some heavy sprinkles of “Robotron 2084.” I actually rebuilt this game a number of times over the past 20 year, in environments such as RealBasic, GameMaker, and TurboBasic. Now I intend to finish my remake with at least 10 levels, built in Unity.